14 Training Camp Years Is the Charm for Romo & Witten!

For those of you who don’t know, Tony Romo and Jason Witten shared their first training camp experience back in 2003. This is training camp No. 14 for the two dynamic veterans. For perspective, the next closest in tenure are Doug Free and Orlando Scandrick (Camp No. 9), followed by Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Barry Church (Camp No. 7). It’s unreal to believe how many years these players have shared the same practice field!

However, all of them have been able to grow as people and football players. You cannot deny there is strong chemistry amongst the Dallas Cowboys. This training camp will give the team the opportunity to see how the newer addition of players will fit into their system.

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Since 2003, Romo and Witten have practiced with hundreds of teammates, sat in hundreds of meetings, answered hundreds of questions about the team’s expectations – and the proverbial “window” for a championship. The amount of pressure to deliver this year is probably the highest it has been in years. That’s nothing new for the Cowboys as they head into every season with high expectations from their staff and the city of Dallas.

Romo got the opportunity to share a few words about what he thinks on behalf of his 14 year in the league and going through training camp. “The grind never gets old. You appreciate it more,” Romo told reporters. “You love the competition. I know I love to compete and I love to see how good I can be. You’re challenged in that every day and every year. For me it’s about getting to a point where one day in your career you get to be that version you always wanted to be. But you’ve got to wear it out for years and then you’ve got to go accomplish your goals as a team. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

Cowboys fans should be ecstatic to hear that the team’s captain is looking forward to next season more than anyone. It almost seems as if Romo is making this out to be one of the most promising and successful seasons the team and fans will appreciate.

Said Witten: “I’m fortunate to play this game. It’s a special privilege, unique privilege to have this opportunity. I start from the beginning. I want to try to be the best, but you’ve got to go work at it. I want to win, I want to be a part of guys that have that shared commitment that I have and be a part of a team that we’re proud to be a part of. I think that comes with work. This is an unbelievable opportunity to get back out there. I’m excited and get better and hopefully be able to contribute to our team.”

There seems to be some sort of confidence coming from the long-time veterans in the team. This leaves the younger players in good shape as they will feed off the good energy Romo and Witten have to bring on the practice field.

You can say there’s a new era of players who are being added to the team that need to be trained and disciplined in order to produce a successful season. The rookies that were picked up by Cowboys this past draft are in good shape as far as being offered the appropriate leadership from the numerous number of veteran players that are present on the team.

Romo and Witten are entrenched in their 30s, does either ever show a hint that camp starts to wear on them? They won’t admit it themselves, but training camp is capable of wearing out even the most physically active and young players in the league. At the end of the day, these heroic beings we call NFL players are human.

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Reporters asked Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett, if he observed any fatigue or lack of interest from Romo and Witten about training camp. “Never. And I say that with such sincerity,” Garrett said. “Never. They love it. They’re two of the best competitors I’ve ever been around in my life.”

Not only do the players have something to prove this upcoming season, but as well as Garrett and his coaching staff. If the team wants to a successful season like they did back in 2014, it will have to start internally, meaning how much will the coaching staff push and motivate the players to become great.

It’s only been the first few days of training camp for the Cowboys, but to them it doesn’t matter. They plan on keeping the same mentality and attitude and taking that energy towards the season opener against their division rival, the New York Giants. It’s going to take more than just the leadership from Romo and Witten to have a winning season and possibly reach the Super bowl, but as they mentioned, they’re up for the challenge.

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19th August 2016