Best NBA Social Media Accounts

The social media accounts of your favorite teams are always fun to follow! They keep you updated and create a personal bond with every single player on the team. With social media being at an all-time high, sports teams must be able to portray the best possible postings to keep the support of their fan base and create real connections with the players! Social Media fun can come from poking fun at the team, being savage, displaying great memes and gifs, and also being real with your fans. These are our favorite social media accounts to follow!

Portland Trailblazers

the Portland Trailblazers do exactly what Damian Lillard does; Cause an unnecessary amount of beef on social media, but everyone loves it! Don’t we all love hearing about the snarky comments, word play and every other way the Trailblazers call out the opponents that they beat and players that left the team to “do better”. Using a lot of Gifs against your opponent might be fun for your fans, but the way the Trailblazers get everyone behind them is by picking at themselves. The Trailblazers will openly make fun of their own players for messing up or missing easy layups and free throws.

Sacramento Kings

Definitely the account that improved the most over the past few years. The Kings are really mastering social media. With trying to rally support, they come up with fresh content, rather than throwing the same memes as everyone else! They constantly use “text” lingo to help keep their tweets fun and interactive. They are constantly trying to make a point. For example,if Boggie needs more support over a bad call, they will be sure to take it to social media.

Atlanta Hawks

Named the funniest account because they constantly make fun of themselves. Instead of letting the entire fanbase feel the sadness in a game they poke fun and always try to promote the positive. They constantly let everyone know that they are up and coming, even just as a social media account. Before, the Hawks had a really bad social media account, but after a few hires they quickly became one of the best teams to have a social media account. They constantly need someone to help them pick up from their losses and the twitter account is perfect for that!

Los Angeles Clippers

Everyone thought that after the horse/gun controversy by the Rockets,that nobody would dare to make tweets like that again, but the Clippers always try to push the envelope. They are always trying to poke fun at every team, and the do it in the most savage ways possible. The Clippers have the most controversial twitter account in the league, because we know that no matter what, the Clippers are most definitely going to attack the basket every game. But what’s even more entertaining, is their attacking of their opponents twitter accounts. Every player knows that if they mess with the Clippers during the game, they will be roasted on twitter for it.

Golden State Warriors

Last year the Golden State Warriors were a fan favorite twitter account. This year they are playing the bad cop. They are the most hated team in the NBA, and are doing a very good job at trying to keep their fan base all while picking away at every other team in the league. They boast about who they are as a team and the great players they have. This helps rile up their own fans yet annoy all the other fans of competing teams. The Warriors also embrace all 3-1 jokes as well by spitting fire about Steph Curry and KD playing side by side.

Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers are easily one of the best twitter accounts to follow because they know how to make fun of themselves. The 76ers know they are at the bottom, and by going crazy whenever they are about to win and poking fun at how they lose so often, they show that they have good character. They make sure to let anyone who will listen know that they are on the rise. They constantly need all the support they can get, and making people laugh is a great way to start!

San Antonio Spurs

Who can possibly hate the Spurs?! Even their social media account makes you love them. The San Antonio Spurs believe in always finding the good in situations and rallying behind their team no matter what. They joke around a lot about their own players which shows their unity and brotherhood while also showing the mutual respect they have as well. This team also incessantly plays a huge role in their foundation and never fails to give back to the community. A big part of being an NBA Player are your moral values and the Spurs most certainly lead by example.

30th November 2016