San Antonio Spurs – Highlights (Jan 22 to Jan 27)

It was a great week for the San Antonio Spurs! They won 2 out of 3 games. This has been a great season for the Spurs, especially on the road. Despite missing Tony Parker, Pau Gasol and Kawhi Leonard at the beginning of the week, the Spurs are still able to give up some stiff competition as they are on a 5-game winning streak.

Jan 23 vs The Brooklyn Nets. Win 112-86

Leading Players: Patty Mills 20 pts. Lamarcus Aldridge 5 assists and 9 rebounds.

Brooklyn Nets point guard, Jeremy Lin, is still injured and it might be affecting the Nets more than expected. The Nets have announced that he will be out for another three to five weeks after re-injuring his hamstring. Kawhi Leonard of the Spurs was also out due to his sore hand. Pau Gasol and Tony Parker sat out the game as well. However, we still expect greatness from the Spurs!

Despite missing three of its most valuable players, the Spurs still managed to dominate. The game begins with a close first quarter as both teams are seeming to keep each other under control. The first half is almost over and the score is 42 to 49, Spurs being up. However, the turnaround of the game seems to be the icy three-pointer by Patty Mills. It is only up from here for the Spurs. One thing that is apparent in this game is that the Spurs know how to move the ball. Their teamwork is among the best in the league.


Nets: Trey Booker of the New York Nets take the ball all the way across the entire court and score a nice layup.

Spurs: David Bertans of the Spurs drives in for a layup, but instead passes it off to Jonathan Simmons who proceeds to land an exceptional three!

In the end, the Spurs walk away with another victory.

Jan 24 vs. The Toronto Raptors. Win 108-106.

Leading Players: Lamarcus 21 pts., Lamarcus Aldridge 7 rebounds, Kyle Anderson 4 assists.

The Raptors started the game with the second longest active streak, going 112 regular season games without losing three against in a row. However, the Spurs put a damper in this one. Lamarcus Aldridge scores the first points of the game and it takes off!

This marked the fifth straight victory for the San Antonio Spurs as they put up a good fight against the Toronto Raptors. Without Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker, and Pau Gasol, it seems that Lamarcus Aldridge is stepping in to fill the missing shoes. Aldridge tallies in 21 points and Patty Mills follows with 18. The third quarter is by far the closest quarter with the Raptors catching up, and keeping the game tied for the remainder of the quarter.


Spurs: A drive-in and dunk by David Bertans

Raptors: Less than thirty seconds later, the Raptors in fact return the favor with a sweet hanging dunk by Jonas Valančiūnas.

In the end, the last second shot by Norman Powell of the Raptors doesn’t make it in, and the Spurs win by two points.

Jan 27 vs. The New Orleans Pelicans. 119-103 Lose

Kawhi Leonard 23 pts. And 6 assists, Lamarcus Aldridge 14 rebounds.

The loss to the Pelicans broke the  five game winning streak by the San Antonio Spurs. The game began close with the first quarter ending 20 to 23, Pelicans up. An assist by Kawhi Leonard to Manu Ginobili, who makes an icy three. Only a few minutes later, Kawhi Leonard is able to make his own three-pointer!

The first half shapes up well for the Spurs as they end with a 57-48 score, Spurs being up.

The Spurs are able to hold a lead until the fourth quarter, when the Pelicans score 34 points vs. the Spurs scoring only 19. By the time the final quarter rolled around, as the lead by the Pelicans began to grow.


Pelicans: New Orleans’ lead grew to 21 on Davis’ putback dunk, with only about a minute left in the game.

Spurs: The breakout three-pointer by David Bertans in the final quarter!

The Spurs went to the free throw line quite a lot, going twice as much as the Pelicans. The Spurs seemed to have taken advantage of this making 25 of 29 free throws (86.2 free throw percentage).

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8th February 2017