Houston Rockets Predictions: October 2017

Houston Rockets Predictions: October 2017

The Houston Rockets are predicted to have an incredibly strong start to the 2017-18 season. They were able to get their hands on Chris Paul before free agency – even despite rumors that he would go to the Spurs. With Paul playing alongside James Harden, the back court is going to be dynamic. Maybe the Rockets will finally be able to pull Golden State Warriors off their throne. Heck – even ESPN predicts the Rockets will finish off the season with the second-best record in the league!

One more thing to look for as we look ahead is Carmelo Anthony. Anthony requested to be traded from the New York Knicks to the Rockets, but no deal has been made yet. He’s one hopeful we have for Houston. All these possibilities make us incredibly excited for this NBA season. October is going to be the true test for the Rockets.

Here are our expectations for the Houston Rockets this month:

Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs

October 13 @ 7 PM

The Alamo City is facing off against Clutch City in Houston, Texas. We are ending the preseason with a Texas showdown! The history between the Spurs and the Rockets goes way back. While the Spurs have a great record, do they have strong new talent to bring against Houston? Not really, but of course, Kawhi could rule out all the possibilities we have.

The Rockets have some pretty high expectations, and the Spurs are expected to make a comeback – don’t forget about all the injuries their roster went through. With Kawhi healthy again and Parker’s return, the Spurs may be a tough one to beat. However, we may not see the big guys playing so much on the court. Coach Pop always likes to surprise us. If all of the injuries aren’t fully healed, we predict a win for the Rockets.

Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors

October 17 @ 9:30 PM

Of course, there would be no greater team to open the NBA regular season than the Golden State Warriors. Plus, what better team to put them against than the Rockets. This season is starting a couple weeks earlier than last season, but we’re not complaining! The NBA decided to make the change to decrease the number of back-to-back games for each team.

Many people are saying this game is going to be a preview for the Western Conference Finals. It’s crazy to think that people are already putting the Spurs on the backburner just because of Chris Paul! Golden State has been knocking out the Rockets from the playoffs for the past two out of three seasons, so this will be a pretty exciting game to watch.

The biggest issue going up against the Warriors is that… well, they’re the Warriors. LeBron is the second-best basketball player in history and his team was only able to clinch one win against the Warriors last year. We predict Harden will be on Draymond Green and Paul will take Stephen Curry. Then, we have to ask… who is going to defend Kevin Durant? Durant is playing at his best lately, and the Rockets are going to have to make some big moves to put on a successful game.

Since this is also the start of the regular season, the Warriors will be receiving their championship rings before the start of the game. That should make the night a little more interesting! Even though we predict great outcomes for the Rockets, it is too early in the season for the Rockets to defeat the Warriors. If the Rockets win, it may just be home-court luck. 

Houston Rockets vs. Sacramento Kings

October 18 @ 9 PM

You may be wondering why we are excited about playing the Kings. For the first time ever, Chris Paul and James Harden are going to be playing with each other on the backcourt for a regular season game – but the Kings are also going to have four rookies making their debut. The Kings are in the middle of rebuilding their team, but they’ll be going up against a new and improved powerhouse. This will most likely be a blowout, with the Rockets taking home the win.

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