If Athletes Were In Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, HBO’s most popular TV show, has taken over the world! It’s cast of diverse characters and different story lines have captured the attention of a record setting 10.7 million viewers. We looked over our favorite characters and had a thought. If NFL and NBA players ever needed to fill in for a week, which athlete would play which character? Here is our casting!

SPOILER WARNING! The below article contains Game of Thrones spoilers. If you aren’t caught up, read at your own risk!


Roger Goodell as Tywin Lannister

ZNB Game of Thrones 1

Everyone knows Roger Goodell as the crooked and overly strict commissioner of the NFL. He has fined people for outrageously small actions and is always controlling everything that he can. Often times, his strict rules cause an outrage, just like Tywin Lannister! Tywin Lannister is overly strict in how he handles everyone, whether it’s his family or the Westeros. This past year, when Tom Brady was suspended for the deflate gate scandal without proper evidence, it was just like Tywin putting his own child on trial for the murder of his grandson. Both men are wild masterminds. They have the right idea in mind for their people – or, in Roger’s case, the NFL. They want to do the best job possible and, sometimes, that comes with harsh rulings.


Rob Gronkowski as Hodor

ZNB Game of Thrones 2

This might have been the easiest comparison! Gronk’s low IQ, compared with his insane athletic ability, is the butt of a lot of jokes. Just like Hodor doesn’t say anything else besides his name, Gronk often cracks people up on NFL Gameplay by yelling out phrases like “Gronk Mad” and “Gronk make touchdown.” Both men have an amazing physical stature. Rob Gronkowski is billed at 6’6 and 265 pounds, making him pound for pound a freak of nature just like Hodor. Gronk is also a leader in the NFL. He is the top TE and for the past few seasons a first round pick in Fantasy Football. He is also seen as the side kick to Tom Brady. This is also similar to Hodor and Bran Stark. Many times, he carries Bran Stark, just like how Gronk carries the Patriots to victory.


Johnny Manziel as Joffrey Baratheon

ZNB Game of Thrones 3

If there is one comparison that is on par with Gronk and Hodor, it will be Johnny Manziel and Joffrey Baratheon. Both men were expected to be great. However, both fell on their faces when given the spotlight. Johnny Manziel came from A&M as the savior for the Cleveland Browns. Meanwhile, Joffrey Baratheon was expected to be the great loyal leader after his father’s death. Both men were sadly a slap in the face for those believed in them. They avoided responsibility and did not consider others while pursuing their own goals. Both men did not understand their impact on the people around them. Ultimately, they had to face the consequences.


Bill Belichick as Varys the Spider

ZNB Game of Thrones 4

From all the constant spying and accusations of cheating, this similarity is one that is based on experiences. In 2007, Bill Belichick was accused for having an assistant record the Jets defensive signals. This caused the biggest fine on a coach and also took away their first round pick. Bill Belichick also played a vital role during the deflate gate scandal. Varys had a similar experience. He was well-connected all around the world. Vary knew everyone who was a risk or obstacle for the Iron Throne and knew everything happening around it.


Isaiah Thomas as Tyrion Lannister

ZNB Game of Thrones 5

Both men are considered the dwarfs of their time. Isaiah Thomas and Nate Robinson are the shortest active players in the NBA. However, we chose Tyron Lannister and Isaiah Thomas because of their drive and loyalty. They are there to fight and win! Both men were jokes in the beginning. They were not given the support they needed to be a hero but it didn’t matter in the end. They didn’t care about their size. They gave everything they had to everyone who needs their help. Isaiah Thomas and Tyron Lannister were both heroes during their times.


Tony Romo as Lord Commander Mormont

ZNB Game of Thrones 6

Cowboys fans and the Knight’s Watch had something very big in common. Their leader was their idol! Tony Romo and Lord Commander Mormont both provided great leadership and always put everything on the line for their people. Tony Romo is known as one of the greatest quarterback in the Cowboys Franchise and one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. Lord Commander Mormont’s death caused a loss in morale similar to the multiple injuries that have kept Tony Romo off the field. But, when all was lost, people remembered Lord Commander Mormont as one of their greatest leaders, just as Cowboys fans will always remember Tony Romo as possibly one of the best quarterbacks to ever throw a football.


Dak Prescott as Jon Snow

ZNB Game of Thrones 7

This one should be an obvious comparison after the Tony Romo and Lord Commander Mormont comparison. Dak Prescott is the savior that Dallas has needed! He has blown every expectation set and has taken the Cowboys to a new level. Just like Jon Snow, he exhibits a plan of safety when attacking. He knows he is treading waters in a new environment. Although he takes risk, they are well calculated. They both understand they must gain the respect of the people by not talking, but showing what a true leader is like! Prescott undoubtedly plans on showing the Dallas Cowboys the savior they need to by making it to the Super Bowl. Jon Snow and Dak Prescott had a similar rise. Prescott showed his dedication in the pre-season and training camp while Snow did the same in early wars. They both made it as the backup and next in line to the holy starting position. After convincing the front office, fans, Wildings, Knight’s Watch, and Families all around both universes, they were given the support they needed to knock off many enemies like the Green Bay Packers and the King of Westros.


Ben Simmons as Bran Stark

ZNB Game of Thrones 8

Ben Simmons was supposed to take the NBA to a new level. Given his obvious talent, he wasn’t a shock at where drafted. Sadly, right before the pre-season, he had a horrible injury causing his debut time to be delayed. Much like Bran Stark, he might never reach his full potential. Bran Stark was supposed to be one of the greatest fighters in the land but, after a horrible accident when climbing the wall of a castle, he fell and was paralyzed. This story could be compared to RG3 and Derrick Rose. However, both men came back preforming decently well. Ben Simmons is a giant question mark. Will he read the potential he was drafted to play it? Or will he be a reminder to us, like Bran Stark, of those who could have been great but just never made it?


Richard Sherman as Sandor Chegane The Hound

ZNB Game of Thrones 9

Richard Sherman does not like Toger Goodell. He is known for having a loud mouth and he doesn’t agree with many consequences of his actions. He often times speaks his mind on the actions and rules. Sherman always fights back, much like Sandor Clegane, who fights back against authority too. During the Battle of Blackwater, Sandor Clegane left everything when given orders from Tyrion Lannister and cursed out his leaders. His duty, he said, is for the ideals of the sports just like Sandor’s loyalty is with the ideals of the country


Lebron James as Daenerys Targayen

ZNB Game of Thrones 10

Whether you like it or not, Lebron James is arguable the greatest active basketball player. Just like Daenerys Taragayen, both exhibit strong skills of leadership and defying odds. Whether they are returning from 3-1 series or fighting wars with a lesser army, they defy the odds and take victory. Both leaders exhibit the drive to succeed. Lebron James wanted to replace Michael Jordan as the greatest there ever was and Daenerys wants her spot on the Iron Throne.

10th November 2016