What You Need to Know Before Buying Sports Tickets

What You Need to Know Before Buying Sports Tickets

There is nothing more exciting than purchasing tickets to see your favorite sports team in person. After spending hours searching different ticketing sites for the best prices and the best seats, it’s a huge sigh of relief once you’ve finally found the perfect tickets. Ticket prices have boomed over the years because people love to witness big events live and up-close. If you’re new to America or new to online ticket purchases, there are a few things you should know before you buy those tickets to your favorite sporting event.

The Different Kinds of Tickets

Some people might choose to go to the ticket counter at the event center to purchase tickets to an event. This is a great way to ensure you are getting valid tickets at the best rate. However, many venues are out of the way from most major highways and may be a bit of a drive for you. Plus, many sports teams are turning to the internet for ticket purchases.

The easiest and most efficient option is to search for tickets online. Once you have found the tickets you want, you will be given a number of options – don’t freak out. You will still get your ticket – no matter which one you choose. The only difference between the options is how they are given to you. You will normally have to choose between will-call, instant download, eTickets, or physical tickets. Let’s break down each option.

Will-Call: If you choose will-call, you will be able to pick up your physical tickets the day of the event. At the ticket booth, there will be a line for will-call tickets. These can be purchased from private sellers or from the box office.

eTickets: eTickets are tickets that can be downloaded and printed from your computer before you attend the event. Sometimes, the tickets might not be available to download right away. This might happen if event isn’t happening for a long time, and if the physical tickets aren’t available yet, but can be reserved.

Instant Download: Instant download is basically the same as eTickets, except you can download the ticket instantly – without having to wait.

Mobile Tickets: Mobile tickets are becoming more and more common since technology has grown. Rather than showing your ticket on a printed sheet of paper, your ticket will be on your phone. Since pretty much everyone has a phone today, it is more efficient and cuts down on paper costs. If you easily forget to do things – like print tickets, this is a great option.

Physical Tickets: Physical tickets are a dying breed, but some people (especially older people or collectors) prefer printed tickets. If you are going to a major sporting event like the Super Bowl, you will probably want a physical ticket for memorabilia. By choosing this option at checkout, you will receive the physical tickets through the mail within a given time frame. If you are buying your tickets at least two weeks in advance, you could go with this option. However, if you are purchasing last-minute tickets, it’s not recommended. You want to ensure that your tickets will get to you before the event – not after. If it is the physical ticket that is ideal for you to have and you bought your ticket late, then choose to pick up your tickets at will-call.

Processing Fees

You might have found the best ticket price from one website, but they might also have the highest processing fees. Do your homework before buying the cheapest tickets you found. Some processing fees can add up to almost 100 dollars! There are some websites that don’t charge any processing fees. All you have to do is look for it.

Processing fees include delivery charges, service charges, processing charges, etc. Don’t let the low ticket value trick you into paying more than you would from another site with more expensive seats.

Customer Service

When purchasing from an online service, it is important to make sure that they have great customer service. An easy way to do this is to read reviews and check out what past customers are saying. Another way is to call their phone number. See how fast they pick up the phone, and ask them a few general questions. You will be able to find out how helpful they are and how knowledgeable they are about their services. If an emergency were to happen, you want to ensure that they will be there to help you.

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25th July 2017