October Predictions for the Dallas Cowboys

October Predictions for the Dallas Cowboys

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for football fans. Football season is officially back, and the Cowboys have some big shoes to fill due to their outstanding record last season. The start of the 2017 season has a much tougher schedule than last few years – but that’s mostly because they finished first in the NFC. Let’s not forget when the ‘Boys finished last in their division in 2015 and were given a fourth-place schedule.

This season, they will mainly be going against the AFC South and NFC South. The Cowboys will be heading out to the West Coast more frequently to take on the 49ers, Raiders, and Cardinals. The upside to the schedule this year is that many of the tougher teams will be playing at the AT&T Stadium, and they’re not known for playing very well on the road – like the Packers, Seahawks, and Chiefs.

This October, the Cowboys will be facing off against the Rams, Packers, 49ers, and Redskins. Here are our predictions for how everything will play out:

Cowboys vs Rams

October 1 @ 12 PM

The Rams have lost to the Cowboys three times in a row! Imagine how much that number will increase in this year alone. However, the Rams are trying to rebuild their team with Jared Goff as quarterback. Their offense is likely to improve and put up a fight, but let’s be real – it’s still one of the worst offensive lines in the league.

The Rams also brought on a new defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips. With his help, they may be able to hold our offense back a bit, but the Cowboys are just too good for the Rams to gain control over.

Cowboys vs Packers

October 8 @ 3:25 PM

In the past few years, the Cowboys and the Packers have been some of the most exciting games for football fans everywhere. Since 2013, three of their games resulted in the final possession of the game.

This should be one heck of a fight! The Cowboys will be playing at home and they’ll be showing the Packers everything up their sleeves. Don’t forget – the Packers were the team that knocked the Cowboys out from the playoffs last year. The biggest issue for the Cowboys here is going to be the defensive line. Aaron Rodgers is definitely going to help the Packers pack in some points. This could be a close game. While we are hoping the Cowboys will win, those are pretty high hopes.

Cowboys @ 49ers

October 22 @ 3:05 PM

The Cowboys have only lost once to the 49ers for the past five games – and that was in 2014. We’re not too worried about the 49ers. They don’t have any star players and aren’t strong on either side of the ball.

On offense, the 49ers will be pretty weak without a strong quarterback, but they may surprise us on defense. The 49ers have a new coach and a pretty young roster, so it will probably feel like a scrimmage for the Cowboys. As long as the ‘Boys use their bye week to their advantage, this should be a no-brainer win.

Cowboys @ Redskins

October 29 @ 3:25 PM

Just like with the 49ers, the last Cowboys loss to the Redskins was in 2012. This was that heartbreaking memory for Cowboys fans when Tony Romo threw three interceptions. For the past five games, Dallas has averaged 28.8 points each game against the Redskins. While the Cowboys have a pretty strong roster, the Redskins can’t say the same. However, the Redskins and the Cowboys have a long history of close games, regardless of their records. We can put up a strong argument that the Cowboys will bring this win home.

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3rd October 2017