San Antonio Spurs Highlights of the Week

The San Antonio Spurs have had a tough week! With 2 losses to the Clippers and Rockets the San Antonio Spurs have to go back the basics!

San Antonio Spurs vs Houston Rockets


James Harden’s Triple Double blew away the crowd, and with Trevor Ariza playing strong, rebounding and steals, the San Antonio Spurs were not able to keep up. The highlight player on the Spurs was Kawhi Leonard! Kawhi Leonard went off, with 34 points and 7 rebounds. Aldridge helped as well with 5 rebounds and 14 points. Yet and still, he fell short when Kawhi attempted to hit a buzzer beater, which was even tipped by Aldridge, but didn’t quite make it in. David Lee was pushing numbers off the bench as he had 10 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, and a steal! The San Antonio Spurs shot poorly with barely under 40%, and the Rockets were shooting almost 10% higher! The Spurs doubled in steals but fell short in Assists, rebounds, and 3 pointers. Even with the rockets having double the amount of turnovers, they were still able to pull out a victorious win as they outscored the Spurs in the 1st and 3rd quarters by enough of a margin to carry them through the game!

San Antonio Spurs vs Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers took this game by the horns and won with a 24 point lead! The Clippers almost doubled the Spurs in the 1st Quarter and led in scoring every quarter, except for the 3rd, where they only had 1 point less. This kept the Spurs constantly in the lead with a secure buffer space. Blake Griffin led his team with a season high of 28 points. JJ Redick also helps the team with 14 points, Jamal Crawford with 16 points, and Speights with 15. This helped lead heavy as one player was getting guarded even more for getting hot, another player would step up. The Spurs had a somewhat similar approach. Aldridge, Gasol, Kawhi, and Laprovittola all scored double digits. The Spurs had a 40% shooting percentage while the Clippers shot at 51.6%, helping them with a constant lead. The San Antonio Spurs had almost double the amount of Turnovers and slightly less rebounds, steals, and blocks.

San Antonio Spurs vs Utah Jazz

The San Antonio Spurs had a great game against the Utah Jazz, with Kawhi Leonard putting up almost 30 points, and LaMarcus putting up almost 20! The San Antonio Spurs were able to really use Patty Mills as a solid point guard who was able to fill the shoes of Tony Parker. The Utah Jazz also had Johnson, Hill, and Hood putting up major points as well to help with the flow of the game. The Spurs had a solid start in the 1st quarter, and held it close in the second and third. The 4th quarter, although they gave away a few more points due to the large lead in the 1st, was never cut short. As a whole the Spurs shot at almost 45%, while the Jazz were barely reaching 38%. Although the Jazz had a 12 percent higher 3 point percentage, the San Antonio Spurs beat them by 28 percent in Free Throw percentage! The Spurs led in rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks, making them the leading team in almost every category, causing them to always be one step ahead.

This week has been very hard for the San Antonio Spurs. Overall as they are trying to get over the loss of Tim Duncan, and the Paul Gasol move hasn’t been all that was expected. Pau Gasol is helping tremendously on offense, but Aldridge and Gasol together are failing to keep a hard presence in the paint, causing most teams to attack it. The San Antonio Spurs are the top 4 team in the West, with a lot more playing time left in the season. They need to recognize where they are going wrong and fix it. However, Greg Popovich always has something up his sleeve! We hope the San Antonio Spurs have a great week as they face the Pistons, Rockets, Heat, Kings, and Lakers. The Pistons are currently 4-4, Rockets 5-3, Heat 2-4, Kings 4-5, and Lakers 4-4. Best of luck to our San Antonio Spurs, and never forget Go Spurs Go!

30th November 2016