San Antonio Spurs: Leaked Logos

Do you remember when the San Antonio Spurs went through their largest brand logo change? It’s unforgettable – going from the vibrant pink, orange, and blue to the infamous black, silver, and white we have become familiar with. It’s completely normal for teams to change their logos or uniforms to update and modernize their look. It can also help with new merchandise sales and may even open a new era.

The Spurs are undergoing another makeover this year. Don’t worry – they’re sticking to their colors this time. When’s the big reveal? Well, they haven’t gotten a chance to officially reveal the logos because they were leaked online.

Logo #1

San Antonio was planning to wait to reveal their new logos, but when the NBA released their official set of NBA Draft caps, the Spurs’ new logo was unintentionally revealed to the public. Although it’s a minor change, Spurs fans aren’t the happiest. The new logo still says “San Antonio Spurs” with the infamous spur as the “u”. The logo has a crisper look and doesn’t have the blocked, outlined letters anymore or the large background. The images were officially leaked by on May 19th.

Logo #2

Then, a second logo hit the internet! As if Spurs fans weren’t already disappointed, now they had something else to complain about. The United States Patent and Trademark Office said the San Antonio Spurs, LLC filed multiple trademark applications at the beginning of the month for a new basketball logo. The application shows the logo being used on a number of materials, from shower curtains to garden gnomes. Kens5 says this logo is meant to easily fit onto merchandise. The round logo will make it easier to size big or small and remain recognizable as the Spurs logo.

This new alternative logo is a black basketball with white stripes and the letters “S” and “A” shown on top of each other in white. Many fans were comparing this to a number of other team’s logos. The Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Clippers, New Orleans Pelicans, Philadelphia 76ers, Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards, and Utah Jazz also use this basketball style logo as an alternative.

It’s not that Spurs fans are angry that the Spurs got a new look – they’re angry that the Spurs got a downgraded look. One fan even started an online petition for Spurs officials to pull this new secondary logo. Some are even encouraging the Spurs to bring back the Fiesta colors. One fan expressed his feelings about the logo by adding a ‘D” underneath SA to spell “sad.”

Throwback Logo

In 1990, the Spurs revealed their new “Fiesta” logo. They continued with the black, white, and silver words, but added the colorful background. It was meant to look like a teal, pink, and orange flag to represent the Mexican and Chicano population of San Antonio.

Even though the Spurs haven’t had the Fiesta colors in their name for more than a decade, Spurs fans continue to sport the old logo! They love it! There are murals around San Antonio that incorporate the old colors, and even local t-shirt companies create Spurs shirts with the old colors. What makes this logo so popular? It could be the new trend of vintage and retro styles. Some might sport the old logo because of nostalgic reasons – it reminds them of the Spurs they grew up with. Others choose to wear it because of their strong Mexican ties to the city.

Whatever the reason may be, even the Spurs Fan Shop inside the AT&T Center has noticed its growing popularity. A few years back, they started selling gear with the throwback logo, and it skyrocketed in demand. Now, they sell 10 to 12 different shirts and 30 different hat styles with the Fiesta colors.

If you’re a true Spurs fan, you know that the logo isn’t a huge deal – it’ll probably change again eventually. It’s not like you’ll be forced to wear the new logo! Spurs fans are more passionate about their players and the community, and no logo could get in-between all that.

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20th June 2017