San Antonio Spurs: October Predictions

San Antonio Spurs: October Predictions

The NBA 2017-18 season begins this October, and the Spurs are more than ready to return to the Finals. This time, maybe leaving with another NBA Championship title. Before we can make any long-term predictions, we need to look at what’s to come at the start of the season – this October.

Small Forward Predictions

This offseason, the Spurs went through a few big changes to the roster. Some has to man the small forward spot, but who will it be? We have three different predictions on the rotation.

  • 1. Kyle Anderson
    This is going to be Anderson’s fourth season in silver and black. He can definitely provide some depth as a forward. However, we expect him to be playing at the three spot and occasionally at power forward or shooting guard.
    Anderson could’ve been given the opportunity to really shine and grow on the court, but Kawhi Leonard grew into one of the best players in the league – and kind of kicked Anderson to the bench. Anderson was still able to play in over 70 games, be his average was never over 16 minutes. Anderson is really going to have to fight for minutes this season with Rudy Gay on the court.
  • 2. Rudy GayRudy
    Gay recently signed a two year, $17.2 million deal with the Spurs, with a player option for the second season. He is the newest addition to the forward lineup. Let’s not forget about Gay’s injuries. He ruptured his Achilles earlier this year and was out for the remainder of the season with the Sacramento Kings. Achilles injuries take some time to recover from, so who knows how long it will take to see Gay reach his full potential.
    We predict Gay to work as the sixth man. Once he gets off the bench, he’ll turn into an aggressive player with some promising shooting potential. Once Gay begins to recover, we may see him as a stretch four, playing alongside Leonard or Pau Gasol. Don’t expect Gay to have a lot of time on the court, but think about all the possibilities he will have under the Spurs.
  • 3. Kawhi LeonardKawhi
    Leonard has been manning the small forward spot for the past six seasons. He’s been working his way up the totem pole since 2012. Last year was his best season yet, with a career-high of average 25.5 points. Every year, he keeps getting better and better – who knows what he’s hiding under his sleeve this year!
    Leonard will most likely be averaging more than 30 minutes each game this coming season. For the past two seasons, he averaged 33 minutes playing time. However, we’ve come to learn the Coach Popovich won’t overplay his star players, so there’s no way to predict what he will decide.

Game Expectations

During the preseason, the Spurs will be going up against the Sacramento Kings, Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic, and Houston Rockets. However, the regular season opener will be against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Timberwolves haven’t always been taken very seriously, but they’ve got some pretty high expectations this year. Here are the games we will be paying close attention to this October:

Spurs vs. Timberwolves

October 18 @ 8:30 PM

The Timberwolves made some moves this year and got their hands on some valuable players. The made a deal with the Chicago Bulls to add Jimmy Butler to their roster. Then, they signed free agent Jeff Teague. These guys will form a tough core with Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins – however, it may take a little bit more time to get their team working well together. We’re thinking San Antonio can take this one.

Spurs vs. Raptors

October 23 @ 7:30 PM

The Raptors are returning with some of their star players, Kyle Lowry, Serge Ibaka, and DeMar DeRozan. The biggest issue for the Spurs is they are missing big man depth. This could be a game where Ibaka could really prove himself on defense, but it will be a true test for the Spurs. We are thinking the Raptors may take home the “W” with this one.

Spurs vs. Orlando Magic

October 27 @ 6 PM

This game is going to be the young against the old. Over the past five years, the Magic have been bringing in young, hot talent to their squad. The turning point is that this year they got their hands on Jonathan Isaac. We think the Magic’s players haven’t reached their full potential just yet, so the Spurs will probably take the win – however, this should be an exciting game to watch.

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18th October 2017