The Countdown Begins

Super Bowl
As the semi-centennial Super Bowl draws closer let’s take time to reflect on what it took previous teams to reach the legendary status of Super Bowl Champions. Here are some of the best games of Super Bowl History that have made fans paint their bodies and cheer their team’s name:

  1. Super Bowl XXV (25) – New York Giants 20 vs. Buffalo Bills 19

In this close game, the Giants played a strong defense against the Buffalo’s Offense, similar to a pregame lineup they had played against the Buffalos earlier in the season.

  1. Super Bowl III (3) – New York Jets 16 vs. Baltimore Colts 7

The merger of the NFL (National Football League) and the AFL (American Football League) into one national league with a single year-end championship game, marked a momentous occasion for the creation of the Super Bowl as it is known today.

  1. Super Bowl XLIX (49) – New England Patriots 28 vs. Seattle Seahawks 24

A game for the history books, this game was a standoff between the certifiable two best teams at the time. With dramatic plays and a winner-take-all drive, neither team would give up until the bitter end.

  1. Super Bowl XLII (42) – New York Giants 17 vs. New England Patriots 14

With numerous small plays and a lot of adrenaline, the New York Giants defense showed “us all how rotating a good front four could win a game.”

  1. Super Bowl XIII (13) – Pittsburgh Steelers 35 vs. Dallas Cowboys 31

Sometimes when a game is too intense to stop on its own, only the countdown of the timer can bring it to conclusion. That is what happened here in what is considered to be the greatest Super Bowl.

For Super Bowl 50, it is still up for grabs on who will end up the champs or who will even be in the playoff. With the fantasy league changing up to Vegas Odds to determine who will win this year, it’s a toss-up between The Seattle Seahawks with (9-2) odds from previous wins leading the rating and the Green Bay Packers, a step behind with (6-1) odds.  However, due to numerous injuries incurred by key players from both teams, it is anyone’s guess at this point who will play in the coming Super Bowl. For this year’s Super Bowl 50 — a game that is sure to bring out the best of players and fans alike at Levi’s Stadium on February 7, 2016 — why not celebrate the momentous occasion by being there yourself? Here at you can buy super bowl tickets online to have the best Super Bowl experience imaginable! Get them before they are gone, and don’t forget your giant foam finger!

28th December 2015