The History of The Dallas Cowboys vs. The Washington Redskins Rivalry

The start of the Cowboys vs. Redskins rivalry is said to have begun some decades ago. Experts say it began at the very start of the Cowboy’s franchise in the 1960’s. The famous Cowboys vs. Redskins rivalry isn’t one of those fake rivalries either. The fans of each team really do despise each other. Sports Illustrated has even called it the top NFL rivalry of all time and “one of the greatest in sports,” as well as the ESPN ranking it “the best rivalry in the NFL.” These are two of the most well-respected, and not to mention, richest franchises in the league. It is almost inevitable that there would be a feud. However, this feud has a background story, which makes it all the more serious. It’s like that one friend that you really felt close to, and then they took your starting spot on the 8th-grade basketball team… Yeah, I think we’ve made our point.

Here’s the story:

The Redskins owner, George Preston Marshall, was all set to sell his franchise to Clint Murchison Jr. The deal was almost sealed until Marshall decided to change the terms of the agreement. Murchison didn’t like this too much, so what did he do? He decided to create his own team and bring the Dallas Cowboys into the NFL. No, no, no. Marshall was not having this, and he decided to object to the team altogether. But here comes the shocker. Around the same time, Marshall was having a falling out with Barnee Breeskin, the Washington Redskins band director. Breeskin had penned the music to the Redskins fight song–which is a big deal for the Redskins–along with Marshall’s wife.Breeskin wanted revenge after his own failed negotiations with Marshall.So, he approached Murchison’s lawyer, and the rights to the Washington Redskins fight song were sold to Murchison’s lawyer. This move was a major leveraging point for Murchison who sold the rights back to the Redskins for the exchange of the Cowboy’s allowance into the NFL. And at this point my friends, a rivalry was born (Well, I’m sure it was probably around the time that Marshall changed the terms of his original agreement, but you get the point.) It gets even better.

At the start of the Dallas Cowboys franchise, the Cowboys were allowed to pick players from certain teams throughout the league according to NFL rules. Guess who they chose? Three players straight from the Washington Redskins roster!

Now, this rivalry is pretty extensive and entails tons of back and forth between the two teams.

Here are some of the most obvious slugs thrown throughout the feud:

-December 19th, 2005, Dallas Mavericks guard, Darrell Armstrong grabbed the microphone during a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. He then yelled “ How ‘bout those Redskins?”Alluding to the fact that the Redskins had just beat the Cowboys in a huge 35-7 blowout. This offhand remark resulted in a $1,000 fine upon Darrell Armstrong, who was obviously a Redskins fan.

-In the 1980’s Tom Landry, a former Dallas Cowboys coach starred in an American Express Commercial. In this commercial, he made a comment “You never know when you’re going to be surrounded by Redskins.” The commercial featured several large men wearing Washington uniforms encircling Landry. At the end of the commercial, just after the scene closed, it reopend to Landry elbowing his way out of the Redskins circle.

-In 1989, after Cowboys owner Jerry Jones fired coach Tom Landry, Landry starred in yet another commercial–This time for Choice Hotels. In the commercial Landry talks about how great he feels having been out of football now, that he might even take up a new career. Landry then proceeds to pull out a guitar and sing the Willie Nelson classic, “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be,” he then pauses and proceeds to sing “Redskins.” He jokingly remarks “You didn’t think I would say, Cowboys, did ya?”… Sounds a lot like shots fired!

The Cowboys and Redskins have matched off about 114 times, in which the Cowboys have won 68 total.One thing is for certain, The Cowboys and The Redskins WILL face off this 2017 season. Who’s going to take the upper hand in this rivalry? That is to be determined. Stay tuned for the Dallas Cowboys 2017 season, with season tickets!

13th March 2017