The Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Tim Duncan Day

Ever since the former power forward for the San Antonio Spurs, Tim Duncan, announced his retirement on July 11, citizens of San Antonio were left in shock and left on the down side. However, San Antonio Spurs fans were thrilled when the news came out by the Mayor’s office that now they are scrambling on ways to celebrate all things Tim this week.

July 21 is set to be the first annual Tim Duncan Day for all of the Spurs fans in San Antonio. Here are a few ideas Spurs fans might want to include when celebrating Tim Duncan Day:

  1. Wearing his jersey/shirts. Employees across San Antonio should wear his jersey for their entire work day, whether it be the very first jersey of his they sold to the most recent. This will allow the fans to reminisce about the glorious years he spent with the team. The same goes for t-shirts! It would be exciting for the fans to display t-shirts they own and see how much of Duncan t-shirts have evolved over the years.
  2. Dress up like Tim Duncan. Many of his fans in San Antonio have been exposed to how the legendary ball player dresses off the court. What better way than to dress like him? For example, the fans can wear oversized clothes and non-flashy clothing lines. Duncan was never a fan of styling his wardrobe and it almost appeared as if he only wore what he could find around his house. Spurs fans can wear his jersey or t-shirts along with baggy clothing in order to appear like Duncan.
  3. Share your appreciation for Tim Duncan. There are many ways Spurs fans can show their appreciation for the legend. Spurs fans can display their favorite Tim Duncan moments, videos, photos and quotes on their favorite social media accounts. They can go as far as gathering a large group of people and spelling out his name and taking a photo of it! They can also record themselves paying respect to Duncan and discussing how they feel about him and how much he means to San Antonio.
  4. Take a picture of yourself hugging a basketball. Through the 19 seasons Duncan spent with the Spurs, he always made it a routine to hug a basketball before a game started. To honor his pregame ritual, Spurs fans can take photos of themselves and posting it on social media of hugging a basketball just as Duncan did in his playing days!
  5. Take a video of yourself making a bank shot. Duncan created a signature move to where he would most of the time make his shots using the backboard on a basketball court. He was one of the few players who relied on using the backboard throughout the NBA. Anyone who is a fan of the NBA knows that the so called “bank shot” is Duncan’s shot.
  6. Create a dancing skit. Spurs fan can gather together downtown and perform dance routines to their favorite music while wearing Duncan paraphernalia. Others can even dress as the Spurs’ head coach, Gregg Popovich and get involved in the dance skit. This would be a great way for all of the fans to interact together.
  7. Wear oversized Tim Duncan face posters. Even though NBA fans already perform this stunt at games, Spurs fans have the opportunity to wear a Duncan face poster around town. If not, they can carry the face poster and chant his name screaming “Thank you TD.”
  8. Make time to play basketball on TD Day. It’s safe to say that almost every Spurs fan was inspired to play basketball because of Duncan. He was fundamentally sound and always a professional on and off the court. What better way to celebrate TD Day than to gather up with family and friends and play a couple of basketball games? It would only be appropriate if everyone wore his jersey or t-shirt to honor his legacy.
  9. Do community service. Duncan was always a fan of charity work in San Antonio. He was interested in giving back! The NBA Cares program is one he enjoyed the most. In that program, he was able to visit children’s hospital and charities. He spent time with the children, whether it meant playing games, arts and crafts, outdoor activities and of course play basketball. Spurs fans should follow his footsteps and volunteer in local charities or needy organizations of San Antonio. This would mean a great deal to him knowing that not only did he influence the fans to play basketball, but to also give back as much as he did.
  10. Have a firework show. To end TD Day with a bang, Spurs fans should volunteer to purchase fireworks and put them to use for the rest of the night. Every celebration is always better with fireworks and for Duncan, being the all-time best player San Antonio has ever had, he deserves nothing but the absolute best.

21st July 2016