Tony Romo or Dak Prescott? Part 1!

The Dallas Cowboys are in a pickle and it is not a pretty one!

The Dallas Cowboys are defying all odds this year. They stand at 4-1 before playing the Green Bay Packers. Overall, in many ways, the Dallas Cowboys need to decide whether they want to continue playing out Dak Prescott for the season or bring back big time hot shot Tony Romo!

Before deciding on who should be the one to take over, we need to identify some clear perspectives. This is first in a series articles debating Dak or Romo. First, we will be covering the history of Tony Romo, showing why he is an elite quarterback, and reviewing his amazing résumé to show why he belongs with the Dallas Cowboys!


Tony Romo 2

Originally from San Diego, Tony Romo was a starting quarterback for his high school football team back in 1996 and 1997. Romo’s high school football career wasn’t one for the record books. His football career picked up once he got into college. Playing at Eastern Illinois University, he placed Division 1 football. He won many awards, such as a 3 time All-OVC player and 3 times OVC player of the year. He also earned a 3-time All-American award and won the Water Payton award in 2002, which has been given to the likes of Adrian Peterson.

Romo attended the 2003 combine but ended up going undrafted. The Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos both were very interested in Romo. However, he ended up signing as an undrafted rookie agent to the Dallas Cowboys. From 2003 to 2005, Tony Romo did not do much on the team besides float around as a second string or third string quarterback. Tony Romo started off his first start with an interception but, in the next game, he ended up winning the game in a Sunday Night Football Primespot. Throughout his first year, he also defeated an undefeated team at the time and won his first Thanksgiving game! Romo took the team to the playoffs. Unfortunately, he ended up fumbling a possibly game winning field goal.

The 2007 season was when a change came. The Cowboys went 13-3, which is the best they’ve been under Tony Romo. He threw a career high of 36 touchdowns and a career high of 19 touchdowns. Rating at almost a 100 at 97.4, everyone thought the Dallas Cowboys were contenders for the Super Bowl. The Giants defeated the Cowboys, which later ended with them winning the Super Bowl against the Patriots.

The 2008 season was the first of Romo’s injuries. With a hot start to the league, Romo got injured and ended up going 1-2 for the next 3 games without his backup. Romo ended that year with one of the lowest quarterback ratings he has had at 91.4 and second highest amount of interceptions at 14.

The 2009 season was another great one for Romo. They made it past the first round of playoffs but, during the second round, they fell to Minnesota. Still, he finished very strong in the regular season, showing why he deserves to be the big name quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

When 2010 came around, the world got scared. Tony Romo only played 6 games, which ended up with him going 1-5 for the games he played. Although he threw for a career high one of those games with over 400 yards, his interceptions cost him the game. Every game lost in the 2010 season ended with him throwing an inception, causing the lost. On an episode of Money Night Football, Michael Boley of the New York Giants confused it with Monday Night Raw and drove Tony Romo hard into the turf, breaking his left clavicle.

The 2011, 2012, and 2013 season were practically the same when it came to the record. Tony Romo played all 16 games and went 8-8 both seasons. 2012 he threw a career high for 425 yard and 648 attempts. He also finished with a career high of 4903 passing yards which is almost 300 yards more than his previous record. In 2012, he also threw his longest pass for 85 yards. Additionally, Tony Romo had a personal record of 5 4th Quarter Comebacks with 19 inceptions as well tying his inception record.

The 2014 season was the time when everyone thought the Cowboys were going to the Super Bowl because Tony Romo led the team to a 12-3 stint. With a career high of 69.9 percent passing and a career high of 113.2 quarterback rating, he was on fire. He also tied his previous record of 5 4th quarter comebacks. They lost to the controversial “Dez Caught It” call in the playoffs with the Green Bay Packers. This was the first time in his career, after 4 or 5 years, people were back behind Tony Romo. They saw the amazing Quarterback he was and, with only 9 picks and 34 touchdowns, all rallied back behind him. With a monstrous offensive line, Dez Bryant, and Demarcco Murray, there was no stopping the Dallas Cowboys.

Tony Romo 3Then, the 2015 season happened. Tony Romo went 3-1, until getting injured for the entire rest of the season! Tony Romo broke his collarbone for 8 weeks during week 2. When he came back in week 11 there was a strong win. This snapped the 7 game losing streak. The cowboys then faced the undefeated Panthers. This was the game where he re-injured his left shoulder causing his season to end and giving away all playoff hopes.

With the 2016 season coming around, the Cowboys were ready for redemption but, during the third preseason game, Tony Romo suffered a compression fracture to his L1 vertebra. Again, the Dallas Cowboys were without Tony Romo for 10 weeks.

Tony Romo has shown time and time again he always comes back from injuries. But is it time to walk away? Dak Prescott has broken many Dallas Cowboys records but his inability to win the Super Bowl has caused him to face major scrutiny over the years. He has the highest quarterback rating in the month of December, highest quarterback rating in the 4th Quarter, and the most games with a 135+ passer rating in a season. Tony Romo could be cut. This would save the Cowboys 50 million dollars and prepare for life after Romo and Witten. Tony Romo signed a 6 year 108-million-dollar contract with 55 million of it guaranteed.

Tony Romo has the résumé to show that he is an elite quarterback overtime. But is now the time to let him take over a 4-1 team which Dak is leading well? Read our next Zero Nose Bleeds blog post to see where Dak Prescott magically appeared from!

31st October 2016