Tony Romo or Dak Prescott? Part 3!

Dak vs Romo Part 3

After another great victory on the road against the Green Bay Packers, the Cowboys front office has to make a very difficult choice. Starting Dak Prescott over Tony Romo is a difficult decision! It goes beyond simple strategy for the rest of the season. Starting Prescott over Romo makes a statement about the future of the Dallas Cowboys.

If Dak Prescott continues to run as the primary quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, then there are signs of a replacement for Tony Romo. The question isn’t “who will be the quarterback to finish this season,” but rather “who will start the next season?”

The role of a quarterback is practically the captain of the team. He commands the field and really controls the composure of the team. The role of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is even higher! When you are leading one of the most successful and popular franchises in the NFL, everything is on you. Prescott and Romo are in the spot to decide who will be the true starter once Romo is healthy.

Before looking into the future of the team, it is important to understand the past!



ROGER STAUBACHRoger Staubach was a Heisman Trophy winner from the US Naval Academy in 1963. After graduation, he went to active duty in Vietnam. Upon returning, he joined the Dallas Cowboys.

During his time with the Dallas Cowboys, Staubach went to the Super Bowl five times. For four of those times, he was the starting quarterback. Staubach was a two-time Super Bowl champion and a onetime Super Bowl MVP.

Staubach is known as the greatest Dallas Cowboys quarterback. Sadly, he didn’t have an opportunity to reach his full potential. Due to his time with the military, Roger’s football career didn’t start until he was 27. He didn’t start at a quarterback until he was 29. Four of his nine years as quarterback ended with him leading the Cowboys to Super Bowls. That’s what matters!

With his win percentage being 74.6 as starting quarterback, Staubach clearly defines the why the Dallas Cowboys consider him the greatest quarterback of all time.



TROY AIKMANIf there’s anyone who comes close to matching or overcoming Roger Staubach it is Troy Aikman!

Troy Aikman is one of the most accurate quarterbacks to ever play the game. He was given a baseball contract right out of high school. Instead, however, he chose to play college football. He played at the University of Oklahoma and then later he transferred to UCLA.

Troy Aikman was the first overall pick to the Dallas Cowboys. With an 81.6 quarterback rating and over 32000 passing yards, he truly was one of the best commanders on the field. His strength, however, was the big stage. Aikman led the cowboys to three Super Bowls and won all three. The Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame quarterback threw five touchdowns and only one interception in the Super Bowls played. He also won the MVP once.



DANNY WHITEWhen Roger Staubach retired, the Dallas Cowboys were devastated. They needed an answer and, thankfully, they found one. Danny White played at Arizona State University and as a punter.

After Staubach stepped down, White had his time to shine. The Dallas Cowboys had White playing double duty as a quarterback and as a punter. This was so they could evaluate the team’s needs in the absence of Staubach, possibly one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play. During his time with Cowboys, White led the Cowboys to 3 consecutive NFC Championship games but lost them all.

Roger Staubach left high expectations of his successor and the fact that Danny White had never reached the Super Bowl as a starting Quarterback really hurt his placement in the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback history. In 1988, he ended his career as a Dallas Cowboy after being placed as a backup to Steven Carl Pelluer.



DON MEREDITHOriginally from Mount Vernon, Texas, Don Meredith is known to be as one of the most iconic quarterbacks in Cowboys history. Meredith played college football at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He was the leader of passing completion percentages during his time for the school in the conference. Meredith was also an All-America Selection twice. During his time, many people often referred to the school at Southern Meredith University because of his high popularity!

When the Dallas Cowboys officially became a franchise, they missed the draft where Meredith went to the Chicago Bears. The Chicago Bears then gave the Cowboys Don Meredith in order to be given a draft pick in another draft.

Meredith is considered to be one of the original Dallas Cowboys since he was a part of the team before they reached their first draft or even hired a head coach. In 1963, he started as the starting quarterback and led the Cowboys to the NFL post season few years later. Meredith was the starting quarterback for the legendary Ice Bowl in 1967.

Don Meredith helped lead the Dallas Cowboys to the NFL post season for three consecutive years. He was awarded with the NFL Player of the Year and was a Pro Bowl selection three times. He also holds the record for longest pass with no yards after catch for 83 yards but it is not an official record in the NFL. After his early retirement at the age of 31, which was surprising to everyone, he became a Monday Night Football commentator.

7th November 2016