Top 5 Games Spurs Fans Love to Talk About

The San Antonio Spurs have had many roller coaster games. Recently,the most memorable was Ray Allen hitting the buzzer after Lebron’s miss to push a Game 7 in the finals. We look back at the classics as the top games of the San Antonio Spurs prior to 2010. The San Antonio Spurs have been known for their incredible working system, and with Tim Duncan retiring this past off season, we look to see some of the best games of the Spurs since the beginning of the franchise!

Honorary Mention: Game 1 of the 1995 Western Conference Finals

David Robinson and Hakeem Olajuwon can be considered as some of the best players to step forward in the NBA, and easily the best players in Texas Basketball. The game was very was very intense the entire way through, with the leading scores going back and forth. Every player put everything on the line as the game began reaching very high numbers. The San Antonio Spurs hit a shot with only a few seconds left. Everyone thought the game was over as the score was 93-91. Right at that very moment, Robert Horry stepped up and took a 3 pointer to win the game! Robert Horry and the Houston Rockets continued on to winning the series, 4-2, and winning the NBA finals!


Number 5: George Gervin wins the scoring title!

George Gervin was constantly fighting for the 1st place scoring title in 1979. The scoring title was so close, that it came down to the very last day of the season. David Thompson, otherwise known as Skywalker, scored 78 points the game before, causing Gervin to need 58 points to win the title. Prior to the game, everyone thought it was over. George Gervin started the Spurs off with 20 points in the 1st quarter. The second quarter is what got everyone on their feet with Gervin scoring another 33 points! After having 53 points in the first half, he scored another 10 points in the second half of the game. Gervin finished with 63 points and won the scoring title!

Number 4: The Admiral’s Scoring Title!

Just like George Gervin’s story, David Robinson had to fight Shaquille O’Neal till the very last game of the season for the scoring title. The San Antonio Spurs faced off against the Clippers, in which Gervin had possibly the best game of his career. The admiral was shooting at 63% and 72% from the Free throw line. He had also 10 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 5 assists. What turned out to be a slow start later ended with 71 points on the board, winning him the scoring title! The Admiral was double teamed the entire night but still, after shooting over 40 shots and making 26 of them, he was able to put up magical numbers. This went down as one of the highest scores in history by a single player.

Number 3: Duncan’s Magic 3 Pointer

During the first Game of the 2008 first round of playoffs, the San Antonio Spurs were in a pickle. They needed 1 last 3 pointer with 10 seconds left and the obvious choice was Manu, who was known regularly to hit these last second shots. With Manu being so heavily guarded, they went to the most interesting choice. Tim Duncan. Tim Duncan hit the 3 pointer causing overtime to begin. The San Antonio Spurs won in double overtime. This shot is considered one of the best shots of Tim Duncan’s career.

Number 2. Game 5 of 1999 NBA Finals

In arguably one of the best games of NBA Finals history, the San Antonio Spurs were fighting for their first ever NBA Championship. After winning the first 3 games, the San Antonio Spurs went on to loose the next game. Game 5 was a big needed win, as a 3-1 lead was usually known to be a point of no return (The Warriors lost it though). The final score to game 5 was very low, and after a 78-77 win, with a quick jumper by Avery Johnson the San Antonio Spurs won their first ever NBA Championship. Tim Duncan was named the finals MVP, averaging 28 points a game and 14 rebounds.

Number 1: Fisher’s Game-Winner Game 5 of 2004 Western Conference

In The Western Conference Finals Game 5, it all came down to the wire. This was one of the best defensive games from these 2 teams, and we all know that defense wins championships. The Spurs won the first 2 games against the Lakers and then lost the next to LA. Game 5 was back in San Antonio and many thought the home court played a huge role. The game was 72-71, with the Spurs down and about 5 seconds left to play. Tim Duncan hits a fadeaway over Shaquille O’Neal with about 0.4 seconds left in the game. At that time the Lakers had only one choice, inbound it to Kobe and hope for a Kobe shot. Instead, they gave the ball to Fisher who put it up at a tenth of a second right at the buzzer. This won The Los Angeles Lakers the game lead to a Game 6 win, taking the Spurs out of the Playoffs.

29th November 2016