Top 5 Super Bowl Games

The annual Super Bowl championship is the nation’s highest-regarded football game! Few teams get the honor to face off for the famous Vince Lombardi Trophy. Out of the few that have competed, only half have actually earned the title of being the number 1 football team in the league for that year. There have been good games and there have been bad. Here, we only focus on the best of the best.


Superbowl XLII

The New England Patriots, 14 Vs. The New York Giants, 17

This was tussle that will go down in history. Let us first mention that the New England Patriots went into their Super Bowl match with an 18-0 record. This was one win away from making the Patriots the second NFL team to ever score a perfect winning season.

Late in the fourth quarter, the New England Patriots were in the lead with a 14-10 score. With a minute and six seconds left in the game, Eli Manning escaped a pass rush by the Patriots. He aired out a 32-yard pass to David Tyree, who caught the ball and held it to his helmet all while being tackled. This was dubbed “The Helmet Catch” and went down in history as one of the greatest passes in NFL history.

With 35 seconds left in the match, Eli Manning threw Plaxico Burress a touchdown. A catch by Plaxico Burress, who is safely in the end zone, ended the match with a 17-14 score, and a won over the New York Giants.


Superbowl XXV

The New York Giants,20 vs The Buffalo Bills, 19

Whitney Houston’s impeccable National Anthem performance wasn’t the only spectacular thing about this game. Both teams did an impressive job! This marked the first ever Super Bowl to feature two opponents from the same state.

The Buffalo Bills were running their high power, no-huddle defense. It seemed to give them an edge on the Giants. However, the Giants put an end to this and made Super Bowl history by keeping possession of the ball for whopping forty minutes and thirty-three seconds.

The Bills were winning with a 12-3 score in the second quarter but a 75-yard touchdown led by Jeff Hostetler put the Giants back in the game! By the time the fourth quarter came around, there was still hope for the Bills to win the game. With two minutes and sixteen seconds left in the game, the Bills make their last drive from the 10-yard line.

On the Bill’s’ final possession, Kelly led the team down the field. He managed to get the Bills to the Giants 29-yard line, just within field goal range with eight seconds to play. At this point, Scott Norwood attempted a 47-yard game-winning field goal. Norwood’s kick was off, floating wide right and missing the goal by about a foot. Till this day, this is one of the closest final quarters of any Super Bowl game. Now, the term “wide right” immediately alludes to the last kick made by Scott Norwood. This also began the start of a 4-year Super Bowl losing streak for the Bills.


Super Bowl XIII

The Pittsburgh Steelers, 35 Vs. Dallas Cowboys, 31

These were the two teams with the best defensive averages in the league at the time. Not to mention, the rivalry between the Steelers and the Cowboys runs deep, as this was the first Super Bowl rematch in history.

Both teams were gunning for their third win, so the stakes were high. Both scored a touchdown in the first quarter, building anticipation for the rest of the game.The Steelers Quarterback, Terry Bradshaw, threw a 75-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter.

By the end of the third quarter, the game is close with the Steelers leading 21-17. The Steelers were able to score two touchdowns in just nineteen seconds during the last quarter. The Cowboys managed to make two touchdowns in the final quarter, bringing them to a 35-31 score. Cowboys Quarterback, Roger Staubach missing a catch in the end zone, losing the chance for a comeback. In the end, it wasn’t enough to secure a third win for the team and the Steelers won by four points.


Super Bowl XXXVIII

New England Patriots,32 Vs. Carolina Panthers, 29

This is the game of the famous Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, but so much more happened that day. This game has been hailed one of the most thrilling Super Bowl games ever by fans alike!

The first quarter began without a single score from either team. Both sides’ defenses were not letting up. This continued partially through the second quarter breaking a record of twenty-five minutes and fifty-five seconds without a score. The third quarter turned out to be just as dry with no score by either team. By the time the fourth quarter rolled around, the game was tied after Carolina Panthers wide receiver Ricky Proehl’s twelve-yard touchdown drive. The score was now 29-29.

The crowd sat at the edge of their seats waiting for the winner to take their place, still not sure which team it would be. In the last four seconds of the game, New England kicker Adam Vinatieri’s 41-yard field goal wins the game for the Patriots, becoming the second win by the Steelers in three years.


Super Bowl XXXIV

St. Louis Rams, 23 Vs. Tennessee Titans, 16

This game features one of the craziest stories in Super Bowl history! This game started with a first half that relied heavily on defense. The Tennessee Titans did not score a single touchdown during that time.

The second half rolled around and the score was tied at 16-16 with only two minutes and twelve seconds left in the game. However, this tie doesn’t last too long. Kurt Warner throws a seventy-three-yard touchdown pass to Isaac Bruce and the St.Louis Rams regain the lead!

In the final seconds of the game, Wide Receiver Kevin Dyson of the St.Louis Rams caught the pass and makes his way towards the end zone in an attempt to score a touchdown. Not so fast! Rams linebacker, Mike Jones, tackled Dyson, leaving him one yard short of the touchdown line and ending his chance at scoring a game-tying touchdown.

This play is now famously recognized as the “One Yard Short” or “The Tackle”.


1st February 2017