Top Tim Duncan Moments

Tim Duncan is one of the greatest power forwards to ever play the game of basketball. His simplicity and aggression helped him overcome obstacles year by year leading to 5 NBA Championships, 3 Finals MVP, and 2 NBA MVP Awards. He was the most dominant player in Texas and was clearly defined by some of the key moments of his career.

Timmy’s 53 Points Against Dirk

Timmy’s 53 Points Against Dirk

In 2001, Tim Duncan had a career high of 53 points in a regular season game! This game was a defining moment for Tim Duncan as he played another all-time great. Tim Duncan’s 53 points push them into an overtime but lost to a Steve Nash classic pull up. Tim Duncan’s 50 minutes in the game was something not heard of in recent days as he played his heart out. Tim Duncan went 15 for 15 on free throws and hitting 19 of the 28 shots taken making it a 68% shot percentage!

The highlight of the game had to be the 2nd quarter where the San Antonio Spurs had 35 points and Dallas with 32. With the San Antonio Spurs next closest playing, David Robinson, having 13 points it made it a clear gateway for Tim Duncan to have arguably the best game of his career!

The 2014 Finals

The 2014 Finals -  San Antonio spurs won by 19 points!
Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs have always been playoff contenders and 2014 was the year they finally came into glory! After many years of debating possible leaving contention, the 2013 rally to a loss devastated the team as a whole. The 2014 finals were a rematch and felt that the San Antonio Spurs might fall short to the Heat again. But, in the first game of the finals, Tim Duncan has a 21 point 10 rebound game! With a 4-1 win in the series, the Heat were always 3 steps behind the Spurs, who came back wanting redemption for the Game 7 loss in the 2013 finals. The San Antonio Spurs came into game 2 wanting to keep the lead. Lebron James had a fantastic game and tied the series with a 2-point win.

Duncan did not sleep easy with that as he fought hard till the end with 15 rebounds. With a change in rotation game 3 the Spurs came out with a 70-point half as Tim Duncan spent the game facilitating the ball movement and focusing on Chris Bosh and Lebron James during offense to help his players open up the floor.

Game 4 continued to show Tim Duncan’s greatness. The San Antonio spurs won by 19 points! Tim Duncan scored 10 points and 11 rebounds for which he passed Magic Johnson for the most double-doubles in NBA Playoff History. The San Antonio Spurs legend also beat Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s previous mark of 8,851 for most postseason minutes played. Tim Duncan has continued to hold that today and the closest active player is number 4 Lebron James who has to first beat Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Tim Duncan to reach the top.

The final game to win the ring was with Duncan shooting 50% to gather 14 points but primarily a defensive approach to avoid a loss in a possible ring winning situation. Tim Duncan’s strong defense and Kawhi’s heavy offense lead to a 17-point win for Tim Duncan to get his 5th ring!

The 2003 Title Run

2003 Title Run was all in the hands of Tim Duncan.

The 2002-03 season was Tim Duncan’s year! Winning the MVP award for having 60 wins in a season, Tim Duncan was dominating. The San Antonio Spurs won their championship in 1999 with Tim Duncan and David Robinson but the 2003 Title Run was all in the hands of Tim Duncan.

With over 24 points and 15 rebounds a game during the post season, Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs were destroying everything coming in their way. During the game 6 finals, Tim Duncan had 21 points, 20 rebounds, 10 assists, and 8 blocks declaring his dominance showing that him and Tony Parker are here to win.

Tim Duncan’s big moments in 2003 helped boost the confidence of the San Antonio Spurs, who were unsure before the season started whether or not Tim Duncan could lead the Spurs on his own when Robinson would leave the team. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker together show the magic they could possibly create together for years to come through the series causing many San Antonio fans to buy into the hype and the belief of this future dynasty!

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

There were many more moments that defined the career of Tim Duncan. A career should not be defined by the date drafted and the date retired but the moments spent in-between. Tim Duncan’s career has been filled with many great achievements and honors which should and will be remembered for years to come as the best San Antonio Spurs player to step foot in the AT&T stadium along arguably the best Power Forward to ever play.

11th July 2016