This Week’s Upcoming Spurs Games(April 2nd-April 8th)

The San Antonio Spurs have a busy week ahead with five total matches.Tony Parker has not been performing as well as expected. How well the Spurs do in the future depends mostly upon Head Coach Gregg Popovich. Ah, we know, this sounds a little strange. How exactly does Gregg Popovich control how well the players do on the court? Well, it depends on which player combination that Popovich decides to go with. Will Popovich stay big and play a combination of Pau Gasol, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Dewayne Dedmon? Will the Spurs finally unleash the small ball lineup of Patty Mills, Manu Ginobili, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard and Aldridge? How about adding Power Forward David Lee to the mix? He’s been mixing well with his teammates throughout their latest games.That question will surely be answered in the next Spurs matches to come in the next couple of weeks. Here is a brief round up of those upcoming matches.

Sunday, April 2nd The Spurs take on the Utah Jazz.
The Spurs and The Jazz are no strangers to a little match off. In their history, the two teams have matched off a total of 179 regular season games. The Spurs have won a total of 102 games, vs. the 77 games won by the Jazz. In their previous match, Kawhi Leonard dominated the Jazz, scoring 29 points and getting 11 rebounds. The Jazz started off with a pretty good eight point lead, the Spurs then overtook the lead in the first few minutes, and the Jazz was never able to regain their lead. So this time around, have the Jazz figured out how to contain Leonard? Their success might depend upon it.

Tuesday, April 4th, The Spurs match off against the Memphis Grizzlies

The San Antonio Spurs and the Memphis Grizzlies have faced off in a total of 104 games. The Spurs have been rather…triumphant, winning 64 to the Grizzlies 22. Their last few matches have shown the Grizzlies holding their own winning 2 of the last three games between the two teams. The Grizzlies’ Mike Conley Jr. is one to watch. Just recently On March 29, he matched his career high with seven three-pointers totaling 36 points in a win against the Indiana Pacers. It will be interesting to see if LaMarcus Aldridge or Mike Conley Jr. takes home the most points of the night. Aldridge has recently reached 1,000 points in the season for his tenth consecutive time. Tune in to see who reigns supreme.

Wednesday, April 5th, The Spurs face off against the Los Angeles Lakers
The Spurs and the Lakers have an ongoing rivalry that started in the late 1970’s, and at one time was even considered the NBA’s best rivalry. It might have something to do with the two teams matching off in the playoff seven times. Yes, that’s right, SEVEN times. With the clubs combining to appear in seven straight NBA Finals from 1999–2005. Additionally, the teams won each NBA Title from 1999–2003 For The fans of the two teams are usually ruthless, so this game is very high stakes. The two teams have faced off for a total of 163 times, with the Spurs winning 86 to the Lakers 77. The last three face off between two have ended with success for the Spurs. The Spurs even dominated the Lakers in their last match on February 28, 2017, with the final score of 118-98. These two teams, however, do have great respect for each other. On the final game of Los Angeles
Player, Kobe Bryant, the Spurs honored Kobe Bryant with a 2½ minute video of highlight plays by Bryant, and interviews with Coach Gregg Popovich and players Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili about facing off with Bryant throughout his career. That being said, we can’t wait to this match!

Friday, April 7th, The Spurs are set to challenge the Dallas Mavericks
These two Texas teams have faced off in a total of 171 regular season games, The Spurs taking home 104 wins in total. Their last match, however, was close with the Mavericks winning the game 105 to 101. We are assuming that the Spurs are coming for revenge this game. However, even though the Mavericks have officially been eliminated from the NBA playoffs (for just the second time in the last 17 years), they are still fighting a good fight. They are currently on a four-game losing streak going into April 2nd’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Mavericks shooting guard/point guard, Seth Curry, has been surprisingly blazing up the boards lately, so he is one to watch. The Chemistry between Mills, Gasol, and Ginobili should be able to withstand any possible threats to the Spurs road to the NBA playoffs, so there is not too much cause for panic. Tune in on April 7th to see the Spurs take on the Mavericks in their first away game of this week! All of your cheers are important, even the ones coming from your living room!

Saturday, April 8th, The Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers play each other.
The Spurs and the Clippers have matched off in a total of 162 regular season games, with the Spurs winning 76 percent of the games. Yes, that’s right, the Spurs have won 124 games, to the Clippers 38 wins. Nevertheless, the Clippers did win two of the last three matches between the two teams. Come Saturday; The Spurs will have played four games, two of which were back-to-back, versus the Clippers two games. Hopefully, the Spurs will still be energetic and ready to compete to the best of their ability. The Clippers may be at a disadvantage considering all the injuries that their team has suffered recently. They are no strangers to injuries this season with Guard Chris Paul suffering a hamstring strain earlier this season, and Guard J.J. Redick suffering a hamstring strain on Christmas day. Just Recently, on March 29th, Clippers guard Austin Rivers, suffered a left hamstring strain. However, Chris Paul is back, and he is sure to lead his team as usual. Let’s see who takes the victory.

1st April 2017